Winter Growing Tips

As the weather starts to cool down, there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to continue growing plants throughout the winter months. Your plants are accustomed to growing and flowering during the warmer months. When they get exposed to colder temperatures, they tend to slow down their growth and become dormant, waiting for the right time to produce.   Room Temperature: If you want to keep your plants warm during the winter, you need to use the right type of heater. Heaters that use a heating element wire can introduce dry heat and increase the risk of hazards. Instead, you should use an oil fin heater, which radiates a slow warmth and has less effect on the immediate plant foliage.   With the increasing popularity of LED lights and the reduction in warmth generated by old HID lights, temperature control becomes even more important when the temperature drops. To maintain warmth, lights should always be on during the night time, ideally between 6:00pm and 6:00

Are you struggling to keep your indoor plants alive?

If you are struggling to keep your indoor plants alive, here are some tips that may help: Research the specific care requirements for your plants. Each type of plant has different water, light, and temperature needs, so it is important to understand the specific requirements of the plants you are trying to grow. Water your plants appropriately. Overwatering is a common cause of plant death, so it is important to avoid giving your plants too much water. Instead, water them deeply and then allow the soil to dry out slightly before watering again. Provide enough light. Most plants need a certain amount of light to grow, so it is important to provide them with enough light. If you are struggling to provide enough natural light, consider using grow lights to supplement the light your plants receive. Avoid sudden changes in temperature. Indoor plants are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, so it is important to avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures or rapid temperature changes.

What Lighting can you use in hydroponics?

 Hydroponic lighting is an essential component of any hydroponic system. Plants require light in order to photosynthesize and produce the energy they need to grow, and when grown using hydroponics, plants do not have access to sunlight, so artificial lighting must be used to provide them with the light they need. There are several different types of lighting that can be used in hydroponics. The most common type of hydroponic lighting is fluorescent lighting, which is available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Fluorescent lighting is relatively inexpensive and provides a good spectrum of light for most plants, but it is not as energy-efficient as other options. Another type of lighting that can be used in hydroponics is high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting, which includes metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) lights. HID lights are more energy-efficient than fluorescent lights and can produce more light per watt, but they also generate more heat, which can be harmful t

Why go with Hydroponics instead of growing in the ground?

  Hydroponics is a form of high-quality agriculture that utilises ‘soil-less’ mediums such as cocopeat, clay balls, rock wool and nutrient rich water to feed your plants. Turning to hydroponics provides several great advantages that you can’t simply find in growing with soil. The most advantageous aspect of growing through hydroponics is its incredible efficiency and ease of maintenance. By eliminating soil as a medium and replacing it with other alternatives like the ones previously mentioned, we can minimise the plants exposure to diseases, sickness or pests that are a very common problem when growing in soil, this reduces the need to spray harmful chemicals meaning healthier and cleaner produce. NUTRIENTS The other great advantage in hydroponics is its astounding efficiency in delivering nutrients directly to the plants root system thus accelerating and maximizing crop yields for a much better grow. The ability to deliver nutrients directly to the plants root system helps with k

Isabellas Hydroponic Nursery & Garden Centre

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